Thursday, 8 June 2017


I am not sure whether we have adopted him or whether he has adopted us but we have a delightful white pigeon (or dove?) that visits our garden regularly. His left foot is badly damaged, which is why we affectionately named him Hop-a-long. Sadly he is bullied by the other pigeons at the feeding stations. Of an evening when the other pigeons have flown to roost, Hop-a-long still remains in the garden often perched on a window ledge or on the roof of the glass lean-to. 

Dave has taken to feeding Hop-a-long at this time of night, being given his own dish full of goodies. Dave keeps guard to keep any other pigeons away. This has resulted in Hop-a-long following Dave closely around the garden and his not being afraid to come to the lean-to when we are in there. 

We feel very privileged to have Hop-a-long in our garden. We might not be able to do anything about his foot but we can show him some kindness and maybe prevent his starvation. Life is life and all life deserves compassion and respect. 

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